Advertising for businesses…

Advertise your business or service on West Somerset Radio and reach a potential 25,000+ new local clients. It’s an inexpensive way to get your name recognised and your brand out there.

Events, Fairs, Festivals, Fetes…

Are you running an annual, regular, or one-off event? We can reach the audiences other methods can’t. A short campaign starting a month before your event will get people thinking about what they are going to do before they firm up their plans. The seed for their decision will have been sown though, which for many can be only a few days before, or even on the day, of your event.

Who can advertise on West Somerset radio?

  • Anyone! If you want to publicise / promote what you do (below are just examples).
  • Local Micro Entity Providers / Sole traders
  • Local Small / Medium Businesses
  • Charitable or Charity Status Entities
  • Event Organisers
  • National / International Companies or Brands
  • Local Clubs / Sports Clubs / Interest Groups
  • National Organisations / Local Organisations
  • Public Service Announcements

Our aim is to allow all our local service providers and businesses an inexpensive means to make people aware of what they do, or provide – large or small! We are a Community Radio service, for the benefit of the community, so what is not to like?

It’s a lot less expensive than you think, and dramatically more impactive too..

With research showing that there is an average return of over £7.70 for every £1 spent on radio advertising, it is easy to see the benefit. The simple fact that your message is being heard by listeners in their cars, their homes, at work, on radios, streaming online means you have a much greater impact than other forms of media. It needs to be borne in mind that printed leaflet drop type media is frequently discarded without being read. Magazines and other press publications are usually only read for the content the reader is looking for or interested in, frequently only once before being discarded, your ad may not even be read! The overwhelming benefit of your radio advert is that it will be heard each and every time it is played.

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Our Standard Plans… (the longer the plan the better the value!)

3 Months...

  • 30 second ad
  • min. 7 plays a day
  • Entry on Current Advertisers page

All for… £300.00 inclusive (that’s just £23.07/week)*

6 Months...

  • 30 second ad
  • min. 7 plays a day
  • Entry on Current Advertisers page with link to yourweb/social media

All for… £525.00 inclusive (only £20.19/week)*

12 Months...

  • 30 second ad
  • min. 7 plays a day
  • Entry on Current Advertisers page with link to your web/social media
  • Social Media Shout outs, and re-posting drawing attention to your business and offers

All for… £900.00 inclusive (or just £17.30/week)*

Our Event Plan…

This is our cost effective way for a 1 Month only plan to advertise/promote your one-off/regular/annual event or performance. It is ideal for Country Shows, Theatre Companies, Musicians, Festivals, Fetes, Rallies, Fairs, Business Promotional/Special Offer Events or similar.

You get…

  • 30 second ad
  • min. 5 plays each day
  • Social Media shout-outs, and re-posts about your event
  • Entry onto our Local Events web page

All for a total cost of… £160.00* inclusive.

Our Start-Ups Plan…

Are you starting up a new business, or have gone self-employed/Freelance?

It’s a daunting time and money may be tight. You will have invested time, effort and money getting set-up, purchasing tools and everything else you need. You now need to let prospective clients know who you are and the services or products you are offering.

We are pleased to support new businesses with an inexpensive and effective package to help get them going in the early stages of their development.

You get…

  • A 30 second ad
  • Min. 5 plays a day
  • For 3 months
  • Entry on our Current Advertisers web page

To be eligible for this plan, you need to…

  • Be, or about to start-up as a Sole Trader/Freelancer
  • Have started-up as above within the previous 6 months
  • Not to have had a previous Start-Up Plan for this business with us.

If this is you, the plan will cost you only £200.00 inclusive (which is just £15.30/week)*

Bespoke Plans…

If any of our plans don’t quite meet your needs, or you would like to discuss payment options for instance, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate.


We use third-party, specialist professional advertising producers for all our in-house advertising clients. Adverts can be produced ‘dry’ (no background music/sound fx), or with a catchy musical or sound effect base (or both), to make your advert stand-out unique.

Upon completed payment, we can generally have your advert on-air within three working days, but frequently as short as within 24 hours.

Some organisations may have had their advert created for them already, that’s no problem. We can import into our systems easily. Please contact us if this is the case.

(* Basic 30 second, single voice is part of the package. Muliple voice, longer adverts are subject of uplift fees, albeit still very competititive.)

Contact us…

Phone: 07779-331967 (Grant Dennis)


Or navigate to the ‘Contact’ page